Vidya Lakshmi portal is the government’s unified portal to help students apply for education loans from participating banks. Currently, there are around 40 odd banks that are registered on the portal. In theory, the Vidyalakshmi portal is a beautiful concept. But in reality, it has yet to provide a seamless experience for students when it comes to their education loan experience.

Not all banks insist on having an application in Vidyalaportal. Almost all public sector banks do insist on having an application in this portal though.

When should I fill in the Vidya Lakshmi portal?

Vidyalakshmi portal is mandatory only if you are filing for a loan in select public sector banks. An application on Vidhya Lakshmi portal must be filled only after having all the other necessary documents ready. To know more about the required documents do visit: secured loan documents or unsecured loan documents.

Steps to be followed for filling in the portal:

  1. Register on the Vidya Lakshmi portal using this link: You’ll receive an activation email on the provided email ID. Click on the link to complete the registration
  2. Login to the Vidya Lakshmi portal using the credentials provided in step 1 above
  3. Fill in the common education loan application form (CELAF)
    • Fill in all mandatory fields
    • If you wish to partially fund your course through a loan, then ensure that the amount is entered in the own source/scholarship section under the Cost of Finance details tab
    • Ensure that the approximate breakup of all the cost heads (including the exam fees, accommodation etc.) is filled in the application form. Generally, you can find the approximate cost breakup on the webpage of the concerned university
  4. Make sure to capture a pdf of the form (which can be used later to take a printout) once the application is complete

Please note that certain banks do insist on filling in their own application form in addition to the common education loan application form on Vidya Lakshmi.

To summarize, the Vidya Lakshmi portal is only necessary for applying for loans to certain banks. To know if you really need to apply to the same, book a free appointment with Cynapse from We will gladly help you understand if you need to fill in the Vidya Lakshmi portal or not.

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